Angel Lawson - PIONEERS

Mercy Ladd is a woman with a mission.

To help the pioneers women from earth as they acclimate to Athion after their home has been invaded by a dangerous enemy. 

Mercy knew her life would change with this adventure, but she never expected how much. As she acclimates to her new life on Athion; three hardened, handsome soldiers do everything they can to protect her; body, mind and soul.

Can they also protect her heart? 

Space is a vast, lonely place and Mercy is in the hands of the enemy. 

Her guardians have one shot at saving her and they have to trust someone else to do it.

The stakes are higher now that Mercy is in the hands of the Master and learns the truth about his connection to her family back home. 

Can the Custo she loves and trust find her before the unthinkable happens?

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